Saturday, 10 October 2015

My respond on BR1M

Malaysia is a country whose public policies are those that reward inclusion. We promise free education and universal health coverage and we subsidise a number of important goods. I think we in right track, however I believe it’s important for the government to create opportunity where none had existed before and to help those who otherwise cannot help themselves.

Patently, Malaysia’s national budget every year are the permanent dole system that the civil service has since become, the welfare state system enjoyed by a privileged few from womb to tomb, the subsidy syndrome, the dependency syndrome. It is a “Spoon Fed” budget.

The formula of spending more and more stimulus measures to boost the economy could no longer work. The budget presentation is like injecting a booster. This means every time a booster is injected, like a drug; people start to crave more and more until they cannot stop. When government don't give, People start doing violent things. If you put it in the way of not giving the drug to the person who has been addicted to it, you would see the strange behaviour of a subject involved.

When the administrative expenses keep increasing, the management cost will increase year by year after pay rise for civil servants. How could the national economy prosper when management cost is compressing the cost of development? 

We have to relook at the Budget snapshots and ask whether if it will help people in long term. There's absolutely none that addresses the reforms and provides outlines of long term problem solving. 

Despite having the potential to become an economic powerhouse, Malaysia would face overwhelming challenges if the country did not upgrade human capital as well as strengthen governance and institutional capacity.

Firstly, it does not carry out the direction and principles of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), which is set to turn the country into a high-income economy. How are we going to achieve the goal if only assistance is given to reduce burden without trying to solve the root cause. 

The government should adopt the concept of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” 

And I hope these plans are well enough promoted so that all people will understand the opportunities before them. As for those who still want to be given fish, I suggest that they go on a diet.

If I am the Prime Minister...

The preamble is reminiscent of a childhood game of flights of imagination -- "If I am the Prime Minister "

Some months ago, I was asked by a friend (infect a critic of mine) that What would I do if I am made the Prime Minister of Malaysia. At that time I just ignored that guy and replied that I don't want to become the Prime Minister because I know my weaknesses and I know that I simply cant run the whole country.

I, like most Malaysian, have grown tired of the politics of politics, the lies and deceptions of our government, and the hypocrisy of the every day political life of the members of our politician, our member of parliaments, and our Prime Minister.

I believe neither the Barisan National incumbent government nor the Pakatan Rakyat party truly have the ability to unite the country as it should and deserved united.

The campaigns of our future Prime Ministers candidate telling Malaysians they have all the answers, yet offering no real substantial or definitive courses of action to make our country the great nation it once was. I believe the solutions to the many challenges our country is facing are simple, and certainly not rocket science.

I believe the means and methods necessary to fix our broken and corrupted Parliamentary members, stalled economy, high unemployment, and skyrocketing budget deficit are not that complicated.

I question whether the government and the Prime Minister really know the proper strides to correct all of these unfortunate circumstances.

Within the following pages of this blog appropriately entitled, “If I am the Prime Minister...”, I intend to outline what I believe, hopefully with most all Malaysians in agreement, are the paths to recovery and road to prosperity “We The People” of the Malaysia would like to see, which is... “My Blueprint for Malaysia”.